Sundae cupcakes

My oh MY did these go down a storm. A toffee filled cupcake filled with rolo pieces topped with vanilla butter cream and drizzled with chocolate ganache…I see you dribbling.  I used the same sponge as I did for my microphone cupcakes and that same dreamy toffee sauce.


Chocolate ganache is dangerously easy to make.  I say dangerously because it’s also verrry easy to eat.  I find the process if making it very satisfying.  You can do so much with it as well. You can use it straight away while it’s runny as a sauce, use it as a filling for tarts, leave it to cool and use it as a filling or spread it on top of a cake.  I recently had some leftover ganache in the fridge, which i rolled into balls and then rolled in nuts, sprinkles and cocoa to make delicious truffles. EASY.

To make (dark) chocolate ganache you need
200g good quality dark choc (although something like Bournville will still work, it will be a bit sweeter and a bit less rich)
284ml carton of double cream
1tbs runny honey
1 or 2 tbp caster sugar (depending on how sweet your chocolate is)

♥ Break up the chocolate into a bowl.
♥ Heat the double cream, sugar (because the dark chocolate is quite bitter) and honey (this makes it extra shiny) in a heavy based saucepan until it is nearly boiling.  Keep stirring it so it doesn’t burn round the edges.
♥ Then pour the cream mixture over the chocolate and leave it for a minute.
♥ Starting from the middle gently stir outwards until it all blends together.
♥ Keep doing this until it is all combined.

I left my ganache to cool until it was thick enough to drizzle.  Once it’s cool enough you can put it in the fridge.  If it sets more than you want it to, you can put in the microwave.

Be careful not to let any water get into it as this can discolour it and give you air bubbles.

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